Make Your Impact Today

Starting as a way to reduce plastic waste, The Etching Bee has evolved into a platform to facilitate change of all kinds

With each bottle distributed, a sustainable option is introduced into the hands of every recipient. This provides an essential steppingstone in transitioning from habitual Single-Use Consumption, to Refilling and Reusing Bottles.

Ben, the Creator and Owner of The Etching Bee, takes great pride in realizing his dreams and being able to contribute to the reforestation of our planet. With each bottle sold, a tree is planted in the Amazon Rainforest through One Tree Planted

Tap water may have a negative reputation, and honestly, not all of it is unwarranted. This is whyThe Etching Bee encourages the use of filters and purification systems for home use (such as filter pitchers and faucet hookups.)  In many cases these options can be purchased in the same locations that one purchases cases of single-use plastic bottles. Filtration options are more practical, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective than water that comes in single-use plastic bottles.

Our Be The Change Charity Bottles give you an even greater chance to make an impact on the planet. With each Be The Change Charity Bottle, $10 is donated to a corresponding charity. The charities consist of a massive Ocean Cleanup effort, a Honey Bee Conservancy, and an Animal Sanctuary that provides home to animals saved from slaughter and abuse!