Floral Collection

Floral Collection


Stay hydrated in style, save your wallet, and impact the planet with these handmade glass water bottles!

Did you know that the recommended eight glasses of water a day costs about $1600/year via plastic water bottles?

Feel the quality of sturdy, smooth glass in your hand; while permanent etching immortalizes your favorite designs. Subtle yet clean etching make these the perfect water bottle for everyday use, while it's sleek shape makes it the ideal for storing and on-the-go usage.

Why glass? Glass doesn't leach chemicals into your water, as plastics (even reusable plastics) naturally do. Glass enables a non-toxic, clean lifestyle for yourself, your wallet, and the Earth!


12.7 and 27 fl oz
Reusable, sturdy glass water bottles
100% Carbon Neutral, Unused, Voss Glass Water Bottle

Dishwasher Safe

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